Meeting Location

Meeting Location:
The George Inn (click for directions)
84 Route 94
McAfee, NJ
Tuesdays 7:00 PM

Bulletin - February 9, 2008

We've had a busy week. On Tuesday, Michelle Ruggiero joined us from the NJ Department of Fish & Wildlife for a program about black bear safety. Pretty much everyone in the club has had some kind of bear contact, so this audience was well acquainted with black bears. Michelle did a good job of providing some biological information, such as the fact that black bears are not true hibernators and it is possible to encounter a bear even in the dead of winter. It was also interesting to know that in the early 1970's there were less than 100 bears in New Jersey and today there are over 1,600.

We also touched on the use of a hunt as a mechanism to control the bear population. The Department of Fish & Wildlife is not the agency responsible for setting policy; that is done in Trenton. They do recognize that hunting is a mechanism for controlling population, but the politicians have opposed it for now.

On Saturday, Teresa, David, Petite, and Robert put the finishing touches on our sponsored apartment in the DASI transitional housing building. Kudos to Teresa for her work in coordinating this project. The apartment looks great - some would say that it's the best looking one in the building. According to DASI, there will be a ribbon-cutting in the spring, though probably not at the building itself, for privacy reasons.