Meeting Location

Meeting Location:
The George Inn (click for directions)
84 Route 94
McAfee, NJ
Tuesdays 7:00 PM

November 30, 2008

With the decline in the economy, times are tough for many people. To help address this, in a small way, the Club recently donated over $3000 to the local food bank and has made monies available to those local residents who are having difficulty with winter heating costs.

On November 19, the Club received recognition from Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. (DASI) for our contribution of time, talent, and resources in furnishing and decorating one of the rooms at the recently opened transitional housing facility. This facility provides transitional housing for families of abused spouses who are getting a fresh start. The Club would, in turn, like to specially recognize and thank Chipper McLellan of Intrawest for their generous contribution of furniture to this endeavor.

Over the past several weeks, we have had several interesting speakers. The list includes Mariah Levy, Tricia Smith, Larry Adams, and Ed Dellert. Tricia's program was about her organization, "K.E.E.P." and discussed the afterschool program that they run for Sussex County residents. Of particular note was the fact that the program is run at Rolling Hills School in Vernon and at their location in Sparta. Ed Dellert talked about a program that his Swim Center LLC has run for Pass It Along whereby they teach inner city youth how to swim. This allows them to more fully participate in Pass It Along outings where swimming is involved.